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Spirit and marketing

spirit si marketing

Amongst others, delimitations serve to better identifications. Knowing how much belongs to something, helps you decide where you belong yourself. When these differences become too strict, either you feel hanging onto an extreme end, too, or you begin looking for something else, probably more balanced and closer to the truth…

Certain ways of classifying remind us of a “nailed down” syndrome in a reality which always changes. One of these is an absolute separation between laic and religious. In this respect, the West looks like “un-charmed”, totally rational and objective world and the rest are the “primitive”, better or worsened by their own cultures and beliefs. On the other hand, those that have beliefs and traditions, but nothing else, accuse of material thinking and anti-spirituality the westerners whose churches have become simple touristic spots.

Sacred, in my opinion, is that special time when you feel optimistic, relaxed, open to everything, when there is harmony not necessarily motivated or explainable, coming between you and the great Universe. So, yes, we can experience these sacred feelings on Monday morning, too, on the condition of not being pushed to obtain it right on the spot. The pressure appears in many ways, from many directions. A secularized society expresses sometimes more need for sacrament than one, in which routine and ritual as a “must” alters spirit and wish to experience it. More than that an “un-charmed” world uses the most diverse ingredients, with no fear or other kind of restrictions and all those combined, paradoxically manage to offer interesting outcomes; that is what I’ve realized myself, when heading towards the subway station, I was slipped a flyer for part-taking an Indian festival organized by… Finnish singing “Hare Krishna” (a group called ISCKON). Beyond me the thought of detailing about right religions, methods of spreading beliefs in God, vague delimitations between spirit and trendy commercial goals and so on… The fact is, people, no matter where they come from, still want to feel well, by all means: religion, vegetarianism, voluntary actions or golf. Who says spirit always opposes commercial? If you know how to combine publicity with art, religion, philosophical chit-chat next to an oriental buffet, multi-cultural gatherings and as little as possible reticent attitudes, ethno-flavor show in an environment as much as possible free from grey dogma imposed, you have got the chance to be freshened up and feel trust towards people and the day of tomorrow. It doesn’t matter that the temple functions in an apartment, that after two yoga classes you can’t achieve nirvana moods or that the preacher is also a man in a hurry to catch a bus, as long as you are the owner of the moment in which what you think to be God enlightens you with a ray of hope.

One of the friends of ISCKON group mentioned that when discovering your true self, automatically you will be happy and act accordingly to what you really are, must be and the way this ecstatic ego tells you to. The possibility of not being satisfied with your own self or not to be accepted by others seems foolish to someone who thinks that basically, humankind is good and positively emerged from divinity!

Thus, let us try surprising an essence and why not preach a little bit about it!

Copyright © Katiusha Cuculescu, 2004