Du-te la versiunea romana







(…a Jeff Koons’ exhibition in Helsinki )

A friend of mine used to say about me that I often express literally what I think, including in and about art. So, with fresh impressions in my mind, I’ll try to expose simply my trip into the Koonian realm, during a retrospective held at a Finnish Museum (Tennispalatsi, Helsinki). Since student age I felt Jeff Koons was funny enough to make me buy a catalogue of postcards with his works. Never hoped though I could actually stay next to the “Rabbit” (on 30 th of January 2005) and reflect in its shiny silvery surface. Some of the works invited you to touch them. I don’t know - they looked like toys or things that you have access everyday at, because of their normality, they were metal shiny or 80’s colored like, in pinks and greens, with shapes that make irresistible the wish to inspect them in a tactile way. Those that had such desires were quickly aware of forbidding presences gazing, supervising, running from corner to corner, so as to protect the famous and oh, so costly masterpieces and stop art lovers breathe too close to the ready mades or their exciting titles, exhibited in order to tempt you doing exactly what you’re not supposed to. My companion and me actually decided to have our own little experiment or small revenge on the people wearing badges and have looked incessantly at them for a while, as if confused about their place into the exhibition (they certainly weren’t signed Jeff K.!). It worked, so finally they walked away and we could enjoy seeing (unbothered) huge collages, then Michael Jackson and his monkey, made to resemble each other almost, both dressed in same white and golden porcelain, then a painted “cracked egg”, splattering the canvas in blue and white oil and of course we had one moment of heaven, watching the notorious series “Made in Heaven”, showing us porn almost purified by delicate butterflies, water and forest or wreaths of flowers… We decided to scan people’s faces looking at those hot controversial and naked embraces between a young Jeff and a former wife, Ciocciolina, the porn star. I suspect the artist would have done the same thing, since fathering himself works and theories that question tastes and reactions of people to art and life. There were good pieces exhibited and some which did not appeal entirely (from “Dolphin” assembly you could have remembered only some very good quality stainless steel kitchen pots; the artsy effect consisted of them glowing clean and hanging onto a dolphin and for that you needn’t pay museum entrance, but go to a special, luxury store).

All in all, a great way of spending Sunday evening out, seeing new people (and not exactly interacting with them!), getting as close as you can get near masterpieces of the 20th century and fulfilling another impossible dream of youth…

Free Vol, 2005


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