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True Romance: Kill Bill

In my labels jar, Tarantino coincided with monotonous aggressive oddities (“Reservoir Dogs”), monotonous (“Pulp Fiction”) or aggressive ones (“True Romance”). Despite several hints about how sensitive and romantic his creations are, I wasn't convinced entirely by this paradoxical aspect until seeing the latest, second part of “Kill Bill”, a production adorned with plenty of cine-artifices, met as well as in “Natural Born Killers”, an Oliver Stone film , inspired from a story signed by Quentin Tarantino. The natural born killers thesis gets retold in “Kill Bill”, only this time, those endowed with assassin instincts hunt each other and have generally no exterior targets, unless by accident. Beatrixx Kiddo (aka The Bride, aka Black Mamba) is a false victim in spite of all tortures she was submitted to, during those two parts of the movie. That it is a love story, we suspect also, noticing the bridal outfit, from the “bill” featuring the vindictive Beatrixx (Uma Thurman) ready to engage in another series of carnage, naturally following those from volume one. This “war & peace” relationship between Bill and Beatrixx Kiddo exceeds any other display of peculiar and secondary characters, martial artistries that sprinkle the scene. Despite all comic strip feeling or typical American commercial crime action influence movie, “Kill Bill” is an intense amorous tale and by that, full of humanity (if be it to understand the notion on a savage Darwinian note).

Brutal, sadistic sequences become endurable on the condition we remember to be philosophical and compare the images with realities we all know or live at least once: how can you express more clearly the smothering feeling of being repressed in a situation / relationship otherwise than by a scene of alive burial? You learn your lesson, with or without mentor and continue to fight and get to your goal: in this case, getting to and through the other's coreKill Bill. It's either your loss or his. The killer that lies in each is the survivor's gene, stuff that needs to be trained and showed off when no peaceful alternative is possible. All this constant trip and effort doesn't guarantee a fix position on the power / love pedestal, but surely attracts respect, including from rival sides. If Kiddo was to be deleted from game on the first occasion, just like an innocent victim, she wouldn't have measured up to Bill, not as an ideal and equal partner. A good reason for this great lover / killer's heart to explode metaphysically reconciled, in the end of the confrontation. It is in fact one of the key moments that suggest a classic love story movie: the blood reunion, confessions and straightforward declarations, the postwar harmony…

Arty Fact, 2004

Copyright © Katiusha Cuculescu, 2004