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Copyright © Katiusha Cuculescu, 2004


Interviewing an alter-ego:

Arty Fact

…or the questions that I’d like to answer, though nobody asks me.

Reporter aka Katiusha Cuculescu

Arty Fact aka fictitious character bearing bothersome realistic attributes…

Reporter: Dear Arty, welcome to this very spot. So, let’s explain: who are you and why should we click “save” on your persona?

Arty Fact: Thanks for inviting me. I feel honored to return to origins, heh… as I understood this is an invitation for permanent residence. Nothing greater than reenacting what you were meant to be initially.

Reporter: Thus speaking, what was the reason you were created for?

Arty Fact: Well, if you don’t know… who else could? My job is to question everything and anybody. We all have an interior voice, a critical, censorial, perfectionist, demanding one… The one we know as Katiusha C. has Arty and its “icy aura” doesn’t relate to the fact that it/she was conceived right at the North Pole, in circumstances that oblige to severity. My debut was accomplished on a forum (Aiudonline), where I’ve mastered for more than a year the position of cultural animator. Whether my remarks bothered or improved the quality of conversations there, I no longer wish to assert. Excessively optimistic verdicts can be easily infirmed. My presence here though should calm down the collective suspicion that Arty (or Katiusha) only enjoys criticizing the work and opinions of the others. “Exile” is the experiment by which the authoress faces her “demons”, her living creations issuing out of mouse, pencil, brushes or photo camera, justifying their existence by positions and attitudes that Katiusha wouldn’t necessarily share. What I mean is that Arty isn’t always Katiusha, the person who thought her, just as we cannot identify completely a writer and his fictive heroes.

Reporter: Don’t you believe that loosening up a bit would lighten up your profile?

Arty Fact: Oh, yeah, sweet-talking makes the difference… but it’s not the case here! And that’s because my expectations concerning freedom of expression on “Exile” are almost unlimited! We can confront each other (me and Katiusha, as in a mirror), but finally self-criticism won’t lead to major and irreparable arguments. Imaginary or not, all of us here, we know our goal and that is to build up something!

Reporter: Does anything remain beyond permanent critics?

Arty Fact: What you say, somehow gives only bad vibes. You don’t just dissolve at left and right, only because it’s easy to cut off, as imperfections will forever be, but in the end you still reach a quintessence. You need sculpting a mountain till reaching the tiny core that is the diamond. You storm into unmolded material and you have to find the jewel in it. Pleasant or not, aesthetic or contradictory, only these jewels last in the museums of our conscience. A critic is a beauty lover and creator, too, no matter how astonishing that sounds. A common example is that one about shopping lovers: they enter shops, find a series of objects, clothes or whatever, that attract them, but they take home only several items, having all standards and qualities possible imagined by them… The way they are going to use them, display these “jewels” proclaims them authorities, whose tastes earn attention and trust from others, maybe less endowed with patience, observation and associative spirit and so on…

Reporter: Don’t you feel it’s a little too much to declare you detain the perfection recipe or that you are an “authority”?

Arty Fact: Oh, but I’m not doing that! My point in every forumistic or not dialog was to show that there was another way of seeing things, of continuing an idea further than the limits we impose ourselves to believe as true and final. My “verdicts” are not decisive or unsurpassable! Nothing is offered “ready made” (truly, I must contradict Duchamp, heh!), as other and other interpretations are possible and happen, changing good old significations… so, I’m prepared to retire home, in these pages and thoughts of the one considering fit for me to exist (Katiusha) and I’ll try to color as much as possible this virtual zone, if not by answers, then at least by questions…

Reporter: About questions… I think I’d like to take care of them by myself, if that suits you… Are you sure that planting roots in here is absolutely right for you?

Arty Fact: Hahahaha, don’t you get anxious! Questions or challenges abound in here for everyone! May I suggest though, something? As a friend, no subversions or anything like (what I’m popular for, unfortunately!): could you find some more appealing name than “reporter”? Hmm… what do you think? …Ok, perhaps we drop it for now… Anyway, welcome to myself, I say and see you around!