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A year of Exile

Here we are, back to day one (7 th of May), when “Exil.ro” was officially launched, knowing as well that any birth is destined to have an end, too. So, after one year of existence, the present web experiment celebrates today both a beginning and an ending (at least in nowadays format). Anything that intends being interesting is usually conditioned by a short existence. I feel great to have been able facing the challenge of writing, painting, building constantly. On the other hand, the actual formula (4 materials monthly) becomes a bit coercive, affecting the creative zest not entirely in a positive way. I understand art to be a promise of adventure, not wholly effort, but also play, warranting an experience, if not new, at least exciting.

In may 2004 I have started a project which was meant to isolate me as much as possible from collaborations and external influence. It's fascinating to see what you can accomplish by your own self (well, anyhow, surrounded and inspired only by your alteregotic daimons...), to transform a blank space into a colorful island. Today it would seem inappropriate to state that “Exile” exists only because of me. Therefore, I thank those who helped in promoting it (forums, friends and other visitors) and especially to the one who stood beside me a “muse”, who helped a lot in turning my “impossible” wishes and ideas onto the computer screen and maintained the pages of this virtual experiment: Viorel Lucian Gligor.

I tried to explore through the chosen themes individuality, solitude, humanity, communication, marginality, the need of a safe and private space dedicated to imagination.

Though I choose to call further “Exil.ro” a personal and portfolio page (the website of Katiusha Cuculescu), I'd like to believe I managed to build not only an album of my interior “nudity”. Besides, any nakedness gets boring and repudiated someday. These being said, the “Exile” does not refer just to a person or her creations and experiences. The instant this site will slip into oblivion, I'll still be happy to have had the chance of making it known and temporarily appreciated once.

Katiusha Cuculescu

Copyright © Katiusha Cuculescu, 2005