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For several days now,
I've felt him not belonging to me.
Yet, he was there, alive and kicking.
One night rebelled against the whole.
I couldn't sleep any longer.
I mean, because he couldn't.
“Perhaps it's just the hunger
That makes me rise.”
But my brain was sleepy.
“Your brain is alright”,
He confirmed. “Only telling you the truth.
About yourself. Not about me.”
“But you are part of me”,
I complained, shaking him possessively.
“You can't just leave me!
You're mine!”
“Head is dead, then,
If telling you such lies.”
And in the white midnight
He walked away, aware
Paralysis was not his thing.
Roamed without a worry,
Happiness was being true to himself
And his nature was running,
Moving quickly through life,
My right leg escaped the prison
Of coexisting with me.
Now, he's free,
Enjoying somewhere else,
God knows what,
Perhaps another single leg,
On a separate, yet together trip.

Copyright © Katiusha Cuculescu, 2004

My right leg

I'm going...   leaving you...
I am not yours anymore! I am gone!