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Willingly exiled

As the title of “A Life…” suggests, I should feel ready to write down quickly a consistent CV about myself and what I have accomplished or not, until now, with plans and projects popping up. I’ll leave the topic of my daily life for another section of this web site called “Et Caetera” (so as nobody might call me egocentric, heh!). It is though necessary to write here a short note about nonconformity and a few reasons why someone decides to start such an experiment as this one.

Inadaptability, well, that sounds as an uncomfortable position, especially for those who determinately wish to lead a normal life. The peril of adjusting equals to acceptance of any intrusion / aggression in your system of thinking and way of being. Conformity brings all chances of self-alienation in the name of pleasing others. And what is to be done when relationship with the world fails on you, doesn’t fulfill you or surpasses no superficial levels?

There are times when including what we consider to be very close, intimate to us, takes the shape of a jail, populated with prejudices and their ambassadors. Having external help makes your battle easier and high walls ready to crumble faster. When requested to get (to) the moon by yourself and your own power, you feel like becoming baron of Munchaussen, using all kind of imaginary, too short ropes with no real support…

By not being free with and within yourself, how could you be at large in the intricate labyrinth of the world? You needn’t make it completely on your own, but you can’t expect all the help from another, either. A viable option is that one of living less conditioned by others’ opinions. From time to time, returning to your self-center is the key; there you can choose what you desire to do or become.

The present piece of thought doesn’t define itself as an apology of reaction under any form. If mainstreamers (cultural or of any other kind) use plenty of fiction and escapism, then so can a minority or one individual. We all need game and fantasy, the opportunity to create personal, special, alternative worlds.

In that manner I tried to build up my own space, enlivened by different self reflections in the mirror (like Arty Fact, known by some as character performing all type of critical comments on a forum called “AiudOnLine”), articles, pictures, ideas signed and produced by Katiusha Cuculescu… This web-site is an experiment that tries to exceed the classic formula of a personal page: Katiusha thinks several characters she might identify herself with. They can be extensions of her attributes or persona or icons having enough strength to act autonomously. Anyway, isn’t it wrong or minimalist to consider somebody describable only by a few characteristics, a never changing, limited entity? Thus, I dedicate certain amounts of time to the process of knowing, finding, reinventing myself through different experiences. A unique external help that I am counting on closely in technicalities such as design, site administration and graphic touch-ups comes from Viorel Lucian Gligor (that is my other half, a real partner this time and not simply an alter-ego!). Feedback and detailed reactions from visitors are not essential, as there is no intention of collaboration. I only hope that both my work and play bring up new questions to those that visualize them. The contents will be upgraded and uploaded monthly, by different and potential characters, assumed and created by ME.

Copyright © Katiusha Cuculescu, 2004